Whether you need help with contraception, pain, low mood, experiencing symptoms of cold and flu, mental health issues, then a GP doctor is your first port of call when you are experiencing any of these problems. GP stands for General Practitioner they are trained to provide support on all health issues both physically and mentally. He or she will discuss, diagnose, and treat as necessary and if you need referring on to a counsellor or physiotherapist for some particular reason this can also be done.

Always Research  

All GP information can be found online through Google or you can also search your local telephone directory. Many doctor’s surgeries have their own website so you can research the practice name online if they have a website it will show up. Google Maps is also a great way of finding a location address for a clinic.

Ask your friends/family 

Make enquiries with your friends or family members for recommendations of their current doctors if you are considering changing your GP.

Choose a comprehensive GP Service   

Ensure the GP offers a wide range and comprehensive service including men’s health, women’s health, mental health, dermatology, blood tests, cervical smear tests, and much more.

– Do they offer Blood Tests? 

Choose a doctor surgery that provides blood tests as part of their GP services. Regular blood tests are important to keep track of your overall health and well-being. The doctors should recommend having a blood test once a year around the same time. There are many important blood tests that can be done these include blood count, lipid panel, complete metabolic panel, STD’s, and many more.

– Do they offer a cervical smear test?

Once you are registered with a GP practitioner you are entitled to a free smear test. A cervical smear test detects any cells that are abnormal in the cervix of women. If these are not detected the abnormal cells cervical cancer can develop. Your doctors will provide this service to you. Any results will be sent to your doctors. If there are abnormal cells you will be called in by your GP to discuss the next steps.

Always consider your needs 

It is always a good idea to check the opening times of the practice. Ensure the location is central to you and it is easy to travel or walk to the clinic. The surgery should be open at hours that are convenient for you due to work commitments, etc. The ability to book same day appointments is an added bonus point and convenience is key.

Always trust your own instinct   

You should always feel very welcome when you go into a new doctor’s clinic. Every surgery clinic should be tidy, clean, and bright which would make you feel more at ease whilst you await your appointment to see the doctor.