There are so many struggles that come when you have a new baby. One of these struggles is trying to find a pediatrician to take care of your child. Choosing the right GP doctor for your baby is an important decision because their health care needs a little more attention than adults. As your baby grows, a pediatrician is needed for routine care as well as illnesses and injuries. When looking for a pediatrician that will be a great fit for you and your child these tips will let you know if you are in good hands.

Research Doctors

You can never start this step too early. The first thing you want to do is research pediatricians in your area. Living in San Diego, you are sure to get lots of results if you do a Google search for pediatricians. You don’t want to just pick the first person to come up to look after your child. Take into consideration how long they have been in practice. Read reviews from their current patients and find out if they have a good reputation.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) can point you in the direction for certified practitioner referrals. You can also ask your friends and family and start compiling a list. Take note of the insurance that the pediatrician takes and if they are accepting any new patients. Be sure to include things like where their office is located and their hours. The last thing you want to do is have an emergency on the weekend and find out that their office is closed.

Meet the Pediatrician

Once you have done your research and have narrowed down your list it is time to meet with the doctors face-to-face. This is the best way for you to form an opinion on these doctors. When you make an appointment, it is important that you ask them if the charge for this meeting, some doctors will. Ask them questions about things that are important to you like how they feel about vaccines or their views on circumcision. The way they respond will let you know if they are a good fit for you.

Assess your Feelings about the Doctor

After you have done your research and met the doctor or psychotherapist, this is the time to listen to your gut feeling. You have to trust the pediatrician that you choose because your baby will have many appointments in the first two years of their life. You should have confidence in the doctor and feel at ease when he is around you and your baby.

Don’t be afraid to ask the questions about the issues that worry you the most. There are many offices that will allow you to come in for an initial consultation. No matter who you choose, you have to make sure that you and your family are going to be comfortable with that choice. It is also important to note that no doctor has you under contract. If you decide after a visit or two that you don’t want to come back, that is definitely your option.