From nose jobs, tummy tucks, to breast augmentation, each year more and more people are choosing to have cosmetic surgery. Are you thinking of having cosmetic surgery, it is important to find out if you are a suitable candidate and do your research? Surgery is a life-altering decision. It should only be done for all the right reasons. In general, you would be a good candidate if are emotionally and physically healthy. You should be maintaining a healthy lifestyle, understand the discomfort, risks, and the costs prior to the surgery. You may not be a good candidate if have diabetes, obese, heart disease, smoker, high blood pressure and much more. Your surgeon may ask you to make some changes to your lifestyle prior to the procedure.

Good Health 

If you suffer from several medical conditions and are unhealthy, undergoing a surgical procedure could put your life in jeopardy. Cosmetic surgery is not for everyone.

If you consume a lot of alcohol and are overweight, you should maybe think about lessening your alcohol intake and losing some weight before going under the knife. This would make you a poor candidate for any procedure also including heart disease, diabetes, depression, and high blood pressure.

Do you really need it?   

Don’t get surgery if someone else wants you to. Understand the emotional and physical risks that are involved and realise that the surgery may not always be the answer to your problems.

Have you got finance?     

There are costs when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Being financially prepared is necessary. A lot of surgical procedures you may need to be out of work for a number of weeks. So, it is important to be financially ready not only for the cost of the surgery itself but also after the procedure.

Choosing your doctor    

If you have decided to go ahead with a surgical procedure, it is extremely essential to choose the correct and most professional surgeon where possible. There are so many different surgery clinics so do your research and find the one with exceptional reviews and highly trained and experienced surgeons. Ask them questions regarding their experience, and preparation, risk, time, and recovery after the operation.

Preparation for Surgery 

Once you have chosen your surgeon and your procedure you should carefully prepare for the surgery. Avoid all alcohol and smoking a month prior and the month following your cosmetic procedure. Cut back on caffeine as this can affect your blood pressure and make you prone to bleeding. Your surgery results can be positive once you have prepared yourself and choosing the right surgeon. Heed the precautions and do your research.